Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Awek Melayu

There are many ways to have your website optimize and basically you and I have a different opinion methods to do it for example for the term awek melayu, but there’s one thing everyone agrees on is the two pronged approach, onpage and offpage.

The website should be built with optimization in mind right from the start, it might look great having lots of Flash flying around your site (I personally don’t think so) but without your keywords spread throughout your text the web bots are not going to find it. Today I am going to talk about on-page optimization, the biggest mistake many people make is that they have their website built wait around for a few month and wonder why there’s no traffic heading there way.

That is a case of a website owner using outdated SEO (search engine optimization) techniques in an attempt to improve their ranking. Not only does this not work, it also drives real awek melayu (the ones who would otherwise be purchasing these wonderful blue widgets) away.

After continued effort, we saw that this increased to 2nd place – which was just slightly behind a listing for one of the largest websites on the Internet. The site we used with SEO Elite was nothing fancy, except for the fact that it did contain the unique content.

Search engine promotion is the process of improving rankings, visitor numbers and utilizing search engines to promote brand awareness. Every activity whose purpose is to promote a site and provide hits through search engines comes under the orb of awek melayu promotion.